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Curiosity and care — KOD & FORM

KOD & FORM is a small visual communication and development studio in Stockholm. We value our thoughts on the in-betweens of design and technology as much as we do our craft. KOD and FORM is our craft; & the ideas in-between.

Curiosity & care


Nordic Playlist

Nordic Playlist is a new online platform compiling the most influential and cutting edge music from the Nordic countries. The website built by KOD & FORM makes it easy to discover and stay updated on the best Nordic music – introduced to you by prominent musicians, artists and music professionals.

Anna Berglund

Crafts by Anna

Anna Berglund, a Swedish glass artist and designer, was looking to attract the attention of art buyers and gallery owners and commissioned us to build a new website that offered an easy overview of her works and experience, featuring high quality photography accessible from any device. In addition we further developed the existing Crafts by Anna identity – clarifying the typographic hierarchy and primary colours.

Transparency International

Öppna bidrag

We were commissioned by Transparency International to build Öppna bidrag, a website that would make Swedish party funding transparent. The website gathered and presented available data on the finances of Sweden’s parliamentary parties along side interviews with party secretaries, prominent researchers and opinion makers.

Lundmark M.

Studio Malin Lundmark

Malin Lundmark designs products for homes and public spaces. Her imagination, playfulness and technical solutions often create an unexpected experiences in her products. Malin Lundmark has participated in numerous fairs and exhibitions around the world. KOD & FORM designed and developed her new website and gave the studio an identity.


What stealing has taught me about graphic design

Insights from a Magic 8-Ball, wisdom from Michael Rock and the deceiving tricks of Apollo Robbins. And thoughts on why the lure of a good story is finding some things out for yourself.

Malmquist & Saracino


Quarantaquattro is an exclusive olive oil produced by the Malmquist Saracino family in the Apulia region of Italy. Their small scale production is located around a gathering of trulli, a regional stone dwelling with a conical roof. Every year the family produces a mere 500 bottles sold only in Stockholm, Sweden. KOD & FORM has designed a series of labels for Quarantaquattro.

Chehrehgosha A.

Aida Chehrehgosha

Aida Chehrehgosha is both a prominent Swedish art photographer, and a successful and highly appreciated commercial artist. KOD & FORM worked closely with Chehrehgosha creating two sides of one site – the pristine white for her commercial work, and a deep darkness encompassing her art.


A fool’s words

Two years ago I participated in a workshop focusing on eliminating, or at least diminishing, the fear of the blank canvas. Our group sat through hours of exercises, listening to words of wisdom on how we should — with the help of intellectual instruments — break free of the fear that held us back when we sat down in front of a blank sheet of paper. A force that can create a standstill, when a start is required.

Assarsson & Delin


Each issue of Papperstidning brings the reader on a journey; from the shady neighbourhoods of Madrid to male strippers frequenting cruise ships between Finland and Sweden. KOD & FORM designed and built Papperstidning, with the ambition to achieve a balance between the classic reportage magazine, tabloid journalism aesthetics, and a new online reading experience with the story as focal point.

Olof Leth


Olof Leth is an award-winning director known mainly for his close-up portraits of social inconvenience and discomfort. KOD & FORM and Olof Leth has a long-standing relationship, in our most recent collaboration we were asked to overlook the packaging of Leth’s latest film Player.

Michael Krotkiewski

Krotkiewski Film

Michael Krotkiewski is a documentary filmmaker based in Stockholm. Krotkiewski’s films speak a direct and uncensored language with suggestive undertones. KOD & FORM designed and developed both the Krotkiewski Film website and visual identity, which seeks to transfer Krotkiewski’s filmmaking philosophy and his films with no visual impediments, while leaving the visitor with a taste of his unique finesse and perspective.

Alexandra & Micaela Valin

Valin & Casting

Valin & Casting plays a leading role in the Nordic advertising and film industry. With its base in the heart of Stockholm, the agency provides a wide range of clients with memorable casting services for shocking, silly and soulful productions — from cult music videos to high production-value advertising for the world’s most revered brands. KOD & FORM works in close collaboration with the Valin sisters on their always developing website and visual identity.

Scott J.

The Johan Scott Archive

Johan Scott is an acclaimed painter, former professor and prorector at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, and member in the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sweden. KOD & FORM has worked closely with Johan Scott while creating the online archive of Scott’s paintings, biography and bibliography alongside interviews and documenting videos of his artworks.