KOD & FORM 2.0 (yrs) Birthday Beta

KOD & FORM builds things for the www. We value our thoughts on the in-betweens of design and technology as much as we do our craft. KOD and FORM is our craft; & the ideas in-between. Scroll to discover. Email to ask. Follow to connect.

S P A C E MATTERS. Design and technology by KOD & FORM, together with Christopher West.

Concept, design and development → Space Matters captures what’s in the air: the thoughts, the styles, the personalities. Welcome to a digital atelier where inspirational women in fashion share their processes. Together w/ Christopher West.

Letters from Sweden. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Interactive type specimens built for Letters from Sweden. Anyone can write a letter in their favourite font(s) and mail it to their loved ones with Save-n-Send™. Or just play around.

Björn Terring. Design and technology by KOD & FORM, together with Joel Larsson.

New portfolio for lifestyle photographer Björn Terring, with Auto-collage© and Zoom-viewer©! Special thanks to code genius Joel Larsson.

Christian Haag. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Showcase and film archive for Director of Photography extraordinaire, Christian Haag. No-fuss, full-screen video whose (large) buttons demand you to press play.

Studio David Fischer. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Portfolio for German photographer David Fischer. Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.

FAQ: What is KOD & FORM?

KOD is code
& is in-between
FORM is design